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If you are new to online insurance leads the entire process can be a bit daunting. It is quite different from offline lead generation and typically involves becoming familiar with the lead provider's online interface. While the actual lead data is the same it is presented in a different way. Below are some common topics and terms involved with buying online insurance leads

Insurance Lead Data
One of the primary concerns with buying online insurance leads is what detail of information comes with the lead. While this can vary a bit from service to service you can expect the lead to provide the prospects name and address and other relevant information depending on the lead type such as age, income and other personal history details. Almost all services will provide a sample lead so you can know what to expect when live leads start coming in.

Lead Delivery
Online lead delivery will typically come through to your specified email address or through the service provider's interface. Delivery is typically very close to real-time but can vary depending on the type of lead service.

Lead Filtering
Insurance lead filtering capabilities are one of the most critical aspects of an online lead service. Good filters allow the agent to pinpoint lead propects and only buy leads that fit the sales criteria. If a provider doesn't have a specific filter available it is worth taking the time to ask if they can provide a custom solution. Most services will do this for a reasonable rate.

Lead to Agent Ratio
When comparing online lead services it is important to note that price is very relative to the number of agents the lead is being sold to. It can vary from many agents to only a few to exlusive leads where the lead is sold to only one agent. Typically, services will sell each lead to only a couple of agents and only one per company. Exclusive leads do have a higher price but it is often worth the time to compare both options and see which one brings a higher ROI.

Bad Leads
Bad leads are leads that get through and are delivered with fake or bogus information. This is typically the exception and not the norm. Any good insurance lead service will give a refund or credit for a bad lead.

Lead Volume
Lead volume refers to the amound of leads a service is able to provide to the agent. This can vary from service to service but as long as the leads are of good quality the lead volume shouldn't be too much of an issue. If an agent requires more leads that one service can accomodate the best option is to use multiple services.

Service Testing
When an agent decides to give online insurance leads a try it is important that multiple services are tested. Each service has its own strengths which can vary by region and lead type. Even though a service might perform poorly for one agent it could be a super star for another which is why testing mutiple services is critical.

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NetQuote for Agents
NetQuote for Agents
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NetQuote is a power player in the insurance lead space and does a great job of providing agents pre-qualified leads at a very reasonable price. NetQuote can offer a wide selection of leads and more volume than most providers.
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Agent Insider
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Agent Insider is a top tier insurance lead provider making this a stellar offer. They provide very high quality leads for most lines of insurance with a strong variety lead options in addition to a hassle free return policy. Use the link here to get this deal.
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InsureMe for Agents
InsureMe for Agents
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InsureMe is an agent friendly service with lots of extras that make buying insurance leads simple. They offer high quality leads with great targetting thanks to a very user friendly account interface.
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